Cries and Whispers

The white robes dance to the breeze A waltz of hummingbirds and bugs and air flaring through the gaps of abandoned buildings Cries of Iranian instruments The white robes ascend Ballads of whispers Oceans wild Prostates empty Kisses with blood and semen and sweat Drink my potions The robes ascend Writer: BRINSI Firas Painting: The […]

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Relfexions of a Phallicist

Body and soul merge into one The sunlight opens my pores and blackheads form I look at myself in the mirror and think 20 years Still alive I’m proud The light boils my cock as it hardens I’m proud Girlfriends leave Friends leave Moms die Fathers soften Ideologies inconsistent Razor blades warm I drink and […]

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Pain gropes my chest and the artilleries feel thinner yet more tense The smog in my lungs drips The worms crawl out of my back with droplets of sebum and sweat and bad blood they fall and mix with the water and it all looks like cubist puke Shithole palette and shit lines Strauss plays […]

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The act of shitting, I find spiritual Wet excrements find their way from your body to the world and they make a statement as they stink The unlucky give birth to babies The luckier poems and auteur films Some of us are left with shit And those are the honest ones Writer: BRINSI Firas Painting […]



Puffing on bad weed up on the roof listening to Channel ORANGE Moonlights dazzle me and the summer breeze gets me high How can one cure himself from being sodomized at five? How can one cure himself from erectile dysfunction? How can one cure himself from the lack or excess of life? I don’t think Jung […]

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Almost Twenty

I have been lubricating my holes and it feels good so far I drink and smoke and jerk off too much my shaft’s color alters the more I jerk off and the sweat on my balls and inner thighs starts to stink but that’s okay; females like anarchists I mount art hoes and average looking […]

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No Boners Tonight

Lakes are melancholic Fights in bars and piss stained pants are But not boners Nobody gives cock the credit it deserves Even the white sluts at high schools Their tongues suck for the wrong reasons The cock Is met with dishonesty And disrespect And so a man longs for this boner A hard on From […]

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